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We took the big decision earlier on than most to stop trading at the beginning of the week. This radical move gave us some time to step back and look at the pending situation with some clarity of thought.
(dynamic risk assessment)


This allowed us to sterilise 3RD SPACE Kitchen and Bar, cook off and freeze our stock, and effectively isolate the space from outside contamination for 72 hours.


We are now in a position to serve the local community whilst maintaining our own personal lock down.

We will run an isolated kitchen that will be available for food deliveries to Schools, Churches, Community Centres, Food Banks, Nursing homes and elderly individuals who need meals and essential items delivering to their homes or places of work.


We have some vans and a committed team ready to serve the local area however we are needed creatively.

We aren't going to charge for this service, as we believe traditional business trading is, for the short term at least, defunct. We don't believe the high street will ever be the same again.


We are accepting donations via our website or paypal: for our time and stocks, but this is NOT a business arrangement and we are not looking to make profits. We are effectively adopting a 'war-time, dig for britain' attitude.


Please contact Gav on 07818028084 for conversations about how we might be able to serve our local community. Or email


Many folk perhaps don't realise that whilst 3rdspace is set up on the high as a retail business, our core principles are grown out of the 3rd sector. We are here to serve the local community through cultural engagement and our business trade has only ever been a means to an end to acheive that.




Some global theory worth pondering, upon which we have built our business:
1st space = Home
2nd space = Work
3rd Spaces around the world are for everything else that matters in our lives as humans.

Now is the time for us to lead, to innovate and pioneer and to live up to these guiding principles.

Thanks for your ongoing support and commitment.




    14 Clonmel Street



    North Wales

    LL30 2LE